Anti wrinkle Treatment with pearl, diamond, powerful antioxidants and vitamins (50'-60')

1. We gently clean the face and neck with the moisturizing LUMINANCE PEARL CLEANSING MILK. Tone the skin and remove any cleansing milk remainders with the LUMINANCE PEARL TONING LOTION. Cleanse the eye contour area with the YELLOW ROSE EYE MAKEUP REMOVER (suitable to remove waterproof makeup and lipstick). Exfoliate the skin with the appropriate for the skin YELLOW ROSE PEELING SCRUB GEL No1 or No2 (choose according to skin type). Remove possible scrub remainders with the LUMINANCE PEARL TONING LOTION. It is recommended to use the exfoliating scrub-gel once a week. Alternatively you can use the YELLOW ROSE EXFOLIATING MASK with PAPAYA.

2. Massage gently the cleansed skin using the anti-aging, brightening and firming concentrate LUMINANCE PEARL FACE SERUM. (You can also apply ultrasound beauty equipment for 2 to 3 minutes)

3. Continue to massage with gentle, circular moves using the firming, brightening and anti-aging LUMINANCE PEARL FACE CREAM until it is almost absorbed. Apply to the face and neck a thin layer of the lightening, soothing and moisturizing LUMINANCE PEARL FACE GEL MASK. Leave the mask on for 2 to 3 minutes. Meanwhile, start preparing the LUMINANCE PEARL PEEL-OFF FACE MASK. Mix the powder mask with water and leave the mask in the bowl for 2 minutes in order to dissolve all the actives. Afterwards massage the LUMINANCE PEARL FACE GEL MASK until most of it is absorbed.

4. Apply the LUMINANCE PEARL PEEL-OFF FACE MASK over entire face and neck. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes until it dries. Remove the mask by peeling it off in one piece and cleanse any remainders with the LUMINANCE PEARL TONING LOTION.

5. Finish the treatment with the LUMINANCE PEARL FACE SERUM followed by the LUMINANCE PEARL FACE CREAM.

Price for indoor service: 75€

Price for this service at your place: 100€